The "Mia Collection"

The "Mia Collection" is something that, for quite some time, was just an idea ūüí°¬†that had been thrown around by my mom and I.¬†The word "Mia" comes from the idea my mom has in her head that her grand kids will call her "mia" one day. But for now just her grand pup, Maebelle, is the only one that "calls"¬†her that.

We wanted the ‚ÄúMia Collection" to¬†represent the gals that love to be trendy & cute & boutique shop but they‚Äôre not their daughters age anymore. Ya feel me? ūüėČ (and with that statement I can hear my mom saying, "thank goodness I'm not 25 anymore.")¬†haha. So I FINALLY jumped the gun back in October and grabbed the ‚ÄúBoho Fringe Poncho‚ÄĚ which was my mom‚Äôs favorite fall item¬†that she hand¬†picked. This "hand picking" continued with lots of other items that are completely sold out now. So, to say we made the right choice was an understatement and sometimes I wonder why I didn't start this 3 years ago. My mom has an eye for fashion even thought she doesn't always think so. Her had¬†picked items have been a huge hit over the past few months.¬†Now to the present...The "Mia Collection" is an actual collection you can shop under to see all of my moms favorite hand picked items that she can rock better than anyone else. Which means to me WE need to see a little more of her on the website don't ya think? She's doesn't think she's¬†photogenic¬†but I think she's gorgeous inside and out. She¬†loves Jesus with her whole heart. She's the perfect example of a godly woman and someone I strive to be like when I'm married with kids and even now. SHE is the prime example of who I've built this brand around and I'm so blessed I get to call her mom.

So, head on over to the collection and tell us what you think! I think she should do a little modeling and continue hand picking items! What about you?

I'll even be rocking some of her picks...because lets face it....It's real cute & I want to be like her. Don't worry about your age just shop away. 

Talor Rae

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